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Audiowarrior Tron Mello-rack Reason Refill


Audiowarrior Tron Mello-rack Reason Refill
AudioWarrior's Tron Mello-Rack Refill is a software library of sound samples from the Mellotron, a famous sample-playback keyboard. AudioWarrior's Tron is designed for REASON 3.0 production software.Famous Mellotron Samples in Popular MusicThe Mellotron has been an indispensable songwriting tool used on countless #1 hits, including:Trent Reznor on "The Downward Spiral"Rush on "Snakes & Arrows"The Red Hot Chili Peppers on "Blood Sugar Sex Magik"The Smashing Pumpkins-variousMarilyn Manson on "Antichrist Superstar"The Beatles on "Strawberry Fields Forever" (flutes)Led Zeppelin on "Stairway to Heaven" (flutes)The Moody Blues on "Nights In White Satin" (violins)Genesis on "Dance on a Volcano" (choirs) and "Watcher Of the Skies"Yes on "Heart of the Sunrise & And You And I" (strings)Radiohead on "Exit Music" (choirs)King Crimson on "In the Court of the Crimson King" and "Starless" (three violins)But don't stop there, twist the sounds into trance, dub, metal, or acid mayhem within Reason's arsenal of sick effects for example... ohh maybe grind the choir up in Scream4Distortion!!!The Mellotron HistoryThe hardware version of the Mellotron is an electromechanical polyphonic keyboard musical instrument originally developed and built in Birmingham, England in the early 1960s.The Mellotron follows its direct ancestor--the Chamberlin--which was, in effect, the world's first sample-playback keyboard. The heart of the instrument is a bank of magnetic audio tapes (these tapes were parallel linear, not looped as has sometimes been reported or presumed), each tape with approximately eight seconds of playing time; playback heads underneath each key enables performers to play the pre-recorded sound assigned to that key when pressed.The earlier Mellotron MKI and MKII models contained two side-by-side keyboards: On the right keyboard were 18 selectable "lead/instrument" sounds (such as strings, flutes, and brass instruments). The left keyboard played pre-recorded musical rhythm tracks (in various styles).The tape banks for the later, lighter-weight M400 models contain only 3 selectable sounds such as strings, cello, and the famous eight-voice choir. The sound on each individual tape piece was recorded at the pitch of the key to which it was assigned. To make up for the fewer sounds available, the M400 tapes came in a removable frame, which allowed for relatively quick changes to new racks of sounds. Although tape samplers had been explored in research studios (e.g., Hugh LeCaine's 1955 keyboard-controlled "Special Purpose Tape Recorder," which he used when recording his classic "Dripsody"), the first commercially available keyboard-driven tape instruments were built and sold by California-based Harry Chamberlin from 1948 through the 1970s.Things really took off, however, when Chamberlin's sales agent, Bill Fransen, brought two of Chamberlin's instruments to England in 1962 to search for someone who could manufacture 70 matching tape heads for future Chamberlins. Harry C
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