Corex2 Single Right Angle Connector

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Corex2 Single Right Angle Connector


Corex2 Single Right Angle Connector
CoreX2 Connectors are compatible with CoreX2 DIY kits only. CoreX2 pedalboard cabling provides wide-band, accurate sound with the finest audiophile-grade materials and construction techniques. Made for harmonic detail, low signal loss, and flat extended frequency response it is perfect for keeping your signal kickin' while it winds its way through a jungle of circuitry. Different gauge conductors are combined to provide accurate reproduction of all frequency ranges, and they are quad-balanced for the lowest possible noise. Includes: straight connectors or angle connectorHex screw for ease of useHex is 24k gold-plated and preset depth for perfect groundWide 20Hz to 40kHz 0.5dB frequency responseAudiophile quality Brass base metal with copper no inferior metals usedPrecision machined brass connector bodies for maximum durability24k gold-plated connectors offer superior corrosion resistanceLifetime warranty
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