Pedal Pad Axs Road Buddy Pedalboard

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Pedal Pad Axs Road Buddy Pedalboard


Pedal Pad Axs Road Buddy Pedalboard
With the Pedal Pad AXS Road Buddy Pedal Board - there is no more untangling cables, plugging into the wrong input/output jacks, losing your control settings, "toe pointing" or risking shorts and wearing out your effects pedals. Connect everything just once, hiding all the cables you used to trip over under the pitched and hinged pedal surface for a clean and professional workspace. When you're ready to play, just plug in your guitar and start rockin'.The ramped and hinged, carpeted pedal surface makes it easy to attach a pedal anywhere on the board. Simply attach the top hook side of the Velcro to the bottom of your pedal and let it grip. This model also features a concealed cable routing compartment and a pitched and hinged pedal surface. Pedal Pad AXS Road Buddy Pedal Board has a rugged, lightweight design that protects your effects pedals during transport while making carrying easier. Perfect for Open Mic Stage players where several musicians are competing for tight stage spaceGreat for today's "scaled down" studio musician who are only taking a few high-end pedals into the studio these daysConvenient for the working small "gig around the town" players who don't feel like lugging their entire pedal collection with themLighter weight and "Road Tough" exactly like it's larger model bigger brothers who have toured many times around the worldTerrific for home players who want to professionally organize and access their effects without the tangled up cable mess
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