Yamaha Psr-S750 61-Key Arranger Keyboard

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Yamaha Psr-s750 61-key Arranger Keyboard


Yamaha Psr-s750 61-key Arranger Keyboard
The PSR-S750 is packed with the latest technology to bring your music to life. Features like Super Articulation reproduce every musical nuance of acoustic instruments with incredible realism, and there are 325 styles ready to accompany you instantly for dynamic performances. The Real Distortion feature simulates the frequencies and dynamics of real guitar sounds to provide oustanding effects. Additionally, the built-in FlashROM lets you load new voices and style expansions (VSE) from around the world.Incredibly realistic and expressive soundAcoustic instrument articulations, nuances and dynamics are challenging to recreate. As the world's largest musical instrument manufacturer, Yamaha has perfected both the science and art of this process to bring you the most sophisticated, musical-sounding and easy-to-play instrument voices.Super Articulation (SA) voicesSuper Articulation voices reproduce the performance characteristics of acoustic instruments so authentically, you'll feel as if you're playing the real thing. Best of all, SA voices intelligently add just the right expressive nuances to your performance without having to learn difficult control techniques - just play!Mega Voice style technologyMega Voices feature various playing techniques and performance sounds like guitar and bass finger slides, brass falls, vocal effects, etc. When used in styles, Mega Voices provide some of the most realistic sounding and dynamic accompaniments.Powerful, pro-quality accompaniment available at the touch of a buttonPlaying a style is like being the conductor of a band that always plays the chords and arrangements you tell them to play. The PSR-S750 has a huge collection of 325 built-in dynamic styles created by the world's best programmers and mixed by professional studio engineers to ensure unparalleled quality.Guitar-Enhanced styles with Mega VoicesGuitar-Enhanced styles not only reproduce the sound of a guitar playing, they also recreate the actual chord voicings used by guitar players, addding to the overall realism of the style.Yamahas renowned audio and DSP technology provides great live and recorded soundIn music production, the key to creating great sound is in the way the song is mixed. The mixing console lets you mix your music like a studio engineer, including balance, panning and professional studio Digital Signal Processing (DSP) borrowed from Yamahas renowned professional recording and live sound products.Real DistortionReal Distortion effects are based on digital models of classic guitar amplifiers from the 1960s and 1970s. There are also digital models of legendary analog guitar effect pedals. The result meticulously reproduces the frequencies and dynamics of real distortion guitar sounds.Digital amplifierThe PSR-S750 features a Yamaha manufactured digital amplifier with a superb signal to noise ratio. Because of its fully digital, highly efficient design, the amp delivers high performance while significantly reducing energy consumption.USB Au
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