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Api Audio Lunch Box 8


Api Audio Lunch Box 8
The new 8-slot lunchbox includes all of the features that have made the 6-slot lunchbox (500-6B) so well regarded in the industry, including DB-25 (D-Sub) connectors for easy I/O, universal power supply (100 or 250V, 47 to 63Hz), phantom power, and easy rack-mounting with optional rack-ear kit. Built for robust performance, with new toggle switches for channel linking. The lunchbox gives an engineer the flexibility to bring along specialized EQ effects to any situation: 550A, 550b or 560. The lunchbox is self-powered. API makes several modules for the lunchbox, including the 512c Mic Preamplifier, the 525 Compressor, the 527 Compressor, the 550A 3-band EQ, the 550b 4-band EQ and the 560 Graphic EQ. Combinations of these modules make perfect stereo recording packages (two 512cs and two 550bs) or vocalist´s box (one 512c, two EQs and one 527). Other uses for the versatile lunchbox include: Multi-track recording of acoustic and electronic audio sources Sound reinforcement systems and recording to multi-track formats Multiple facility projects where portability is a plus Broadcast and audio for video production Custom channel input strips NOTE: The older 560A equalizer may use pin 15 for a direct output and must be disabled on the 560A circuit board edge connector by cutting a trace. This will eliminate 48 volts from damaging the 560A series equalizers.
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