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Awtac Channel Compressor
Classic, elegant, highly versatile, the AwTAC Channel Compressor is a single width 500 module featuring a soft knee mono FET compressor with a Line level amplifier that delivers a true parallel compression. Designed and entirely handcrafted in Brooklyn, New York, by a cheery staff of audio freaks, this product offers a vintage sounding compression that ranges from very light to super heavy, with very easy to use and intuitive controls. It will sound great on every channel of a console, build up well in a mix and be very quick and easy to get dialed in. It uses only the best through-hole capacitors and transistors, everything is gold plated when it comes to connectivity, and the whole circuit is finely tuned from beginning to end. Both the audio path and the DC side-chain are through-hole, discrete construction. Built around carefully tuned discrete transistor amplifiers in the audio and side-chain circuits, the Channel Compressor is transformer balanced on its input and output. It attenuates the input signal after its input transformer, so it is possible to drive high level to the input for more transformer coloration if desired. Only the DC Meter is surface mounted, but it does not influence the audio path. The side-chain uses a FET for its control element, which controls the gain of the input amplifier. The FET is in the side-chain only, the input amp is a bold sounding bipolar transistor amplifier which could work as the line level receiving amplifier in a console. The FET side-chain does not shunt signal from the input amp, but rather controls the gain of the input amp. It results in a very smooth sounding compression circuit that tends to feel like an optical type compressor. You get the speed usually associated with FET compressors and the smooth quality commonly associated with optical compressors. The LED meter is a very fast, very accurate peak detecting meter that reads the DC side-chain only, that is, it will only show the gain reduction in the side-chain and never affect the audio path. Focus has been placed on displaying good resolution in the first 4dB of gain reduction, as a lot of useful leveling occurs in this area. The Channel Compressor has a soft knee compression characteristic, the onset of gain reduction past the threshold is gradual, beginning with a 1:1 ratio and climbing to 10:1. The meter is designed to show from subtle to lots of compression, but maximum compression is off-scale, so you have lots of room ahead of you. It is a feedback style compression, so the Drive and Reduction Pots can be used interactively, and you can even use it with limiter type characteristics. In addition, it features a true parallel compression, so that you have two independent signals in parallel which combine in a summing amp before the output. You can then, via the Blend Pot, mix the compressed signal and air it out with the uncompressed signal, and benefit from a +9dB of gain above unity in hand, as you would with a fader on a console. Entirely designed for stereo use, with carefully measured and matched components, you can grab a stereo pair of Channel Compressors, consisting of an odd serial number and the sequentially higher even number (i.e. 1 and 2, 37 and 38…). But of course, each Channel Compressor works stand alone in mono. The Channel Compressor has a maximum output level of +18dBu, meaning that no matter how far you crank up the OUTPUT and/or BLEND knobs, it won´t produce an output signal greater than +18dBu without egregious distortion. This maximum output of +18dBu ensures that it would clip just above a tape would, but before a typical analog-to-Digital converter. This is because the AwTAC Amplifiers are designed and tuned to sound awesome when clipping. You will therefore benefit from a very clean sounding device, but, if you wish to add more color, you can push it to its limit and it will still sound great. You can also take advantage of an extra feature: the unbalanced insert loop inline with the Output Pot. This allows for an external long throw fader or line level device (i.e. EQ or another compressor) to sit in the fader loop accessible via the IN2 on a Purple Audio Sweet Ten rack. Features - Drive Pot: Adds distortion (above unity gain) - HPF Switch: 6dB/octave High Pass filter to the side-chain at 375Hz - Reduction Pot: Controls the amount of compression applied to the input signal. - Attack Switch: 3-way toggle switch for Fast (1.5ms), Medium (15ms) and Slow (40ms)...
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