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Jamhub Tourbus
All the bells, whistles, licks and chops for musicians who won’t compromise on their gear. Whether you’re touring the world, the country or the town, a JamHub TourBus makes rehearsals a lot better and a lot more fun. And if you are touring, instead of killing time at a 24-hour diner, set up in your hotel room and write songs and play. The built-in recorder lets you capture those inspired moments and relive them at the show later that night. Isn’t this why you became a professional musician? * 21 audio channels for up to 7 musicians * 7 XLR and 7 TRS input jacks * SoleMix™ controls for each section so everyone creates their own mix * 4 SoleMix remote jacks (2 remotes included) * 1-R switch for quickly listening to recording mix * R section for connecting to MP3 or recording * Built-in 24-bit stereo effects including reverb, delay and modulation * Stage control gives each player virtual stage location in rehearsal studio * Phantom power (+48V) * USB out for direct recording to computer * Built-in recording to SD RAM card * Metronome built into recording system JamHubs were created to give musicians the freedom to jam all they want, wherever they want. When you’re jamming, it’s virtually silent to the outside world. Neighbors can’t hear it. Parents can’t hear it. Cops can’t hear it. But for everyone in the band, the experience rocks. Just pick a color section and plug in your instruments, mics and headphones. Each musician can control their own individual mixes. You’ll hear yourself like never before with amazing new clarity, no more volume wars, and your playing will improve faster. JamHub is also affordable, portable and easy to set up. So now every band can make more music more often. To experience what it´s like to use a JamHub, click the view demo button above and watch the video below.
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